About Us

Our vision is to establish Wichita, Kansas as the Literacy Capital of the World.

The Wichita Literacy movement brings together a collaboration of individuals, non-profit, for-profit and government agencies focused on improving math, reading and writing literacy skills and scores. Our goal is to become the city that changes the future of our economy and quality of life by uplifting our neighbors in improving family literacy skills.

Our website will serve as the central location for measuring the impact of this movement, compiling data, collecting donations, selling merchandise, and sharing a full list of literacy improvement programs and subscription options.

Defining Success

Literacy Wichita will achieve success by:

  • Finding and communicating with families ‘where they are.’ Meaning an established information outreach campaign that includes meeting people on their front porches, churches, schools, local employers, restaurants, grocery stores, and other everyday locations.

  • Establishing partnerships with hundreds of individuals and organizations working in good faith to achieve growth in reading and math literacy. This includes school districts, non-profit organizations, government agencies, public libraries, private investors, grants and foundations.

  • Involving a strong Community of stakeholders who provide time, talent and financial support.